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Information technology is becoming ever more complex and difficult to handle. The market for software and frameworks is becoming more and more confusing and unclear. It’s becoming hard to manage large software projects within the specified period and the respective budget. How do we meet such challenges?

Our team at sneo has adopted recognized principles to gain more time and money. Agile Project Methods, Continuous Delivery, model-driven procedures, Code Generation, Semantic Models are just some of these principles. It is these methods which enable us to generate our own top-quality software solutions with small teams, and to support other companies with our experience.

Agile Projekt Methods

Our experience shows that agile methods in projects lead to faster success.

Continuous Delivery

Short release cycles bring a constant improvement of all products.


The capture of business processes and business objects creates transparency and security in the project.

Code Generation

For repetitive programming tasks, we consistently rely on code generation.


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Years Experience

> 100

Successfully Projects


Support Hours


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Our portfolio includes the following areas:

Data Warehouse Consulting

Project Manangement, Top Down / Bottom Up Analyse, Information requirements analyses and Implementation selected software environments.

Maintenance and Support

We take over the maintenance of your data architectures and support you in problem situations.

Software Development

We rely on state of the art developments in the field of Continous Delivery and Functional Programming.

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Executive Consultant

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Executive Consultant

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